Embark on an epic journey with no real plot, little to no game play and mechanics that aren't explained extremely well. Take control of Shamus, a pixel boy created in a few hours on a Monday night. A heroic boy who is impervious to lava for some reason? Guide him through this EPIC QUEST avoiding spikes, jumping on lava blobs in a way that is totally original and not a Mario rip off. LAVA PLATFORM: THE INDIE GAME™ incorporates some of the latest technology like MOVING platforms. This INTENSE JOURNEY spans over two PERILOUS levels and a shoehorned boss level that is just a bigger version of the smaller enemies because we had to fire our art department. Enjoy our BEAUTIFUL sound track that is completely original and belongs to me and only me(/s). All tracks made on garbage band on a Pear™ . (/s)

Songs and Composers:

Shinichi Sakamoto- Wonder boy III

Shogo Sakai
Megumi Ohara- Kirby and The Rainbow Curse

Mother Nature- The Wind

Check out their compositions they are marvelous game soundtracks.

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